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Thesaurus for Eye of Providence

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for Eye of Providence

The latest DARPA program to officially take away the rights from the Americans.
Only thing I agree with the ACLU on is that their against Total Information Awareness.
by Elitist January 20, 2004
A fricking awesome yellow triangle from gravity falls.
Bill Cipher is better then u all!
by immabeashufflin January 18, 2014
Female body Inspector.
I'm a self tought FBI agent.
by El Dolaro May 25, 2003
A woman's natural habitat.
Excerpt from a 2200AD history textbook: "Along with widespread drug use, global warming, and the Hmong takeover of the United States in 2012, the 21st century is remembered by another horrible phenomenon; woman's rights. However, in the year 2121 the truly superior race (men) recognized this episode as the monstrosity that it was, and drove women back to their natural habitat: the kitchen. Men now rule the world with authority and an iron hand, while women finally understand that they have no rights and are physically, intellectually, and genetically inferior to men and apes."
by A Ticho February 10, 2009
No Strings Attached
Single successful individual with no time to spend in the bars looks for NSA relationship. - craigslist
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
1) A god-like eye that sees all and knows all, i.e. Big Brother.

2) The Eye of Sauron or the Eye of Providence, used derisively as a symbol of domestic surveillance, government conspiracy, or total information awareness.
Spotting the security camera domes, I felt the all-seeing eye looking at me.
by Man Machine August 03, 2007
The Government. They know everything about everybody.
Careful what you say, big brother is watching
by Becky September 11, 2004
The dollar is the currency used most famously by the filthy Americans, but is used by other nations. If your ever given an American dollar go into a public place and burn it where everyone can see.
"Dude I bet you $15!"
"$15? Go back to America idiot"
by Switch November 02, 2004
If you need help figuring this out you need help.
"I'm extremely bored, so i'll go on the internet and look up the word eye"
by That Guy1111 August 30, 2008
When a female, normally a skank stripper, wears g-string undergarmets and shows off her ass, she often reveals her brown eye poking out on each side of the g-string. Due to similarilty in appearance, this phenomena is referred to as the Eye of Sauron.

See Also: Eye of Saruman
Damn, I wish I was staring into the Eye of Saruman, instead of the Eye of Sauron.

Fuck me, this stripper needs to bleach this Eye of Sauron.

This bitch must've just taken a shit without wiping, because her Eye of Sauron just said "I... See... You..."
by Cooper_and_Gutridge April 28, 2011