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The largest city in Canada. It's known for it's combination of great neighbourhood vibe, cosmopolitan flare, and horribly atrocious downtown architecture. (Unlike most major cities, it experienced it's big economic boom in the sixties, go figure.) Otherwise a peach of a town, with great nightlife (and with boozecans up the wazoo, for you after hours folks), and wickedly georgeous people. So fuck off.
I love Toronto.
by Torontonian December 11, 2003
3937 1260
Area code serving the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton and Niagara. Was originally 416, but was split in 1992 to provide more telephone numbers. 905 is overlaid with area code 289, making the whole numbering situation a mess.
I am not a Torontoid, and I have a 905 number, w00t w00t!
by Snickerdo August 31, 2004
129 39
smoke weed
to light up the pot .smoke the joint . toke the weed . etc.
by fordpinto October 13, 2002
2048 253
Here are some reasons to be proud to be Canadian:

1. Smarties
2. Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp
3. The size of our footballs fields and one less down
4. Baseball is Canadian
5. Lacrosse is Canadian
6. Hockey is Canadian
7. Basketball is Canadian
8. Apple pie is Canadian
9. Mr. Dress-up kicks Mr. Rogers ass
10. Tim Hortons kicks Dunkin' Donuts ass
11. In the war of 1812, started by America, Canadians pushed
the Americans back...past their 'White House'. Then we burned it...and most of Washington, under the command of William Lyon McKenzie who was insane and hammered all the time. We got bored because they ran away, so we came home and partied...Go figure..
12. Canada has the largest French population that never surrendered to
13. We have the largest English population that never ever surrendered or withdrew during any war to anyone, anywhere.
14. Our civil war was a bar fight that lasted a little over an hour.
15. The only person who was arrested in our civil war was an American
mercenary, who slept in and missed the whole thing... but showed up just in time to get caught.
16. We knew plaid was cool far before Seattle caught on.
17. The Hudsons Bay Company once owned over 10% of the earth's surface and is still around as the worlds oldest company.
18. The average dog sled team can kill and devour a full grown human in under 3 minutes.
19. We still know what to do with all the parts of a buffalo.
20. We don't marry our kin-folk.
21. We invented ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro, zippers, insulin, penicillin, zambonis, the telephone and short wave radios that save countless lives each year.
22. We ALL have frozen our tongues to something metal and lived to tell about it.
23. A Canadian invented Superman.

24. The handles on our beer cases are big enough to fit your hands with mitts on. OOOoohhhhh Canada!!

Oh yeah... and our elections only take one day.
Hey, stick that in your pipe and toke it.
by Jordan January 25, 2004
17340 5873
A dream team famous in the Toronto / Scarborough area for getting money and living the good life. This is not a gang but a family of trusted individuals.

Also known as Cash Dream Team.

Associated with many local and international businesses the members of the CDT group can provide low prices for almost everything.

Although most members are civil and professional business men/women don't take their kindness for weakness they are known to do damage when disrespected in a major way.

Originated in the 416-905 area code.
Example: CDT occupations including: Car sales, Angle investing, Artist signing, TV commercials, Concerts, Security work, Promoting/advertisement and more.
by AverageKAT January 10, 2012
30 3
A black guy who acts like he is white. He tries to act cool but all the black people at the school hate him. Every girl he tries to get with rejects him.
Ginny: yo you see that guy over there?
Breezy: ye he's such a deontay
by BreezyBrianaMarie January 13, 2010
12 29
German standard issue assault rifle. Caliber 5.56, manufactured by Heckler&Koch.

Sir, i lost something.
- Better not be ur G36

We killed a German!
- Grab his rifle, always wanted a G36
by Penismann May 18, 2004
113 32
A new rifle developed by Heckler and Koch, a German arms manufacturer. The concept was updating the M16/M6 series by incorporating a new gas piston system instead of the typical M16/M4 mechanisim. The new weapon is ultra reliable and is already in use by the US Special Operations community including Delta Force as well as the Norweigan Armed Forces. It fires the NATO standard 5.56x45mm round and has a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds. It is available with barrel lengths of 10.5in,14.5in,16in,and 20in. It is also available in a variation called the HK417 which is basically a scaled up HK416 chambered for the heavier 7.62x51mm round.
Son im strapped wit mah duece duece.
Im carrying the new Heckler and Koch HK416 10DS.
Ah shit son I surrender
by Russell55645 October 09, 2007
66 9
Historians believe that mississauga is a native indian word meaning "city built around a mall". First settled by mayor Hazel in the early 1800s and later by immigrants from around the world (mostly brown ones).

Cultural waste land, considered the armpit of Toronto (brampton being the crotch) Where huge houses and used imported luxury cars define who you are.

Mississauga is also home to spoiled wannabe gangster kids, and young losers in there 20s who still live at home but have enough money to customize shitty honda civics.

Home to iconic landmarks such as square one mall, where you can find the biggest concentration of brown people at the walmart!
I'm so bored! I haven't been this bored since i lived in mississauga!
by bonjour1 March 15, 2007
829 323
The Texas of the North
Oil, cows, and redneck politicians? But cold? Must be Alberta.
by Echelon August 23, 2005
1525 223