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Thesaurus for 3 peat

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for 3 peat

Accidentally shot himself in the chest once.
And that's the damn truth! Look it up if you don't believe me!
by bigtones January 13, 2005
Kind of like a repeat, only it happens three times instead of twice.
It didn't just happen two times, it happened three times. It wasn't just a repeat, it was a threepeat.
by Cock Smoker March 17, 2006
Lil' Wayne a.k.a Tha Carter
"Catch my gal legs open betta smash that" - Lil' Wayne (weezy)
by Gurmanz December 23, 2005
a number coming after 2, but not overshadowing it. Also a number coming directly before 4 but refussing ro be bullied or made feel less than by it. Strong number, yet emotionally sensative. In other words a number that knows its place.
"most people have nothing in common with 3"
by Court_6X7_42 July 07, 2005
A combination of the words "Three" and "Repeat".

Three repeat = Threepeat = 3 peat

Basically, a repetition of a phrase or occurrence 3 times. Can be used in sports, referring to events such as 3 championships in a row or 3 conference titles in a row. Recently brought to light by Lil Wayne.
"Watch me!
Bitch watch me!
Bitch watch me!"

Song: 3 peat
Artist: Lil Wayne
by H3nry1223 June 13, 2008
A serious disease. Do to one's Bronchial Tube swelling and oxygen not being able to pass through ones system easly. If you have asthma then there is a pretty good chance that you are allergic to something.Asthma is something to be taken serouisly. A common steriotype is that asthma is found in only fat kids and nerds. If someone has an asthma attack, then they will probably use something called an inhaler or a "puffer". If you have it bad enough, it may be fatal. It may heal over time and it may devlope over time too.
See: weezing
Girl: Wanna play soccer?
girl 2: Sorry, i'm going out to get a new inhaler. Can I play after?
Girl: You have asthma?
Girl 2: Obvy...
by Lizzie_the_great September 27, 2005
Pretty much everyone who has written a definition for Jay is a fucking idiot. Jay-Z is one of the most lyrically brilliant rappers in raps short history. Thats not arguable its a fact. It is true that he began to commercialize his rap after his outstanding debut album Reasonable Doubt (one of the best rap albums in history) and that was unfortunate, but he turned it around with the Blueprint which was a great album and Blueprint 2 and Black Album were also very good. If I see one more person write that Jay-Z is fake or is a pussy im gonna go fucking insane. The beauty of the Jay-Z vs. Nas battle was that they are both lyrically brilliant, they both have lived what they say and are straight from some of the most infamous housing projects, or "hoods" in New York City and every accusation they made about eachother being fake was a lie. Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls were like fucking best friends (besides Puff) so of course they are gonna take some bars from eachother. Wait, who was in the two best collaborations Notorious B.I.G has ever done? Oh yeah - Jay-Z (Brooklyns Finest, I Love the Dough). Hes fake even though he was a huge drug dealer, and stabbed a guy just for leaking bootlegs of his album into the street (OH HE FUCKING FAKED THAT, OK THATS A FUCKING SMART THING TO SAY CONSIDERING THAT LANCE RIVERA MADE A PUBLIC STATEMENT THAT HE SAW JAY WALK OVER TO HIM IN THE CLUB AND STAB HIM). If he was that fake and that much of a pussy would "The Game" throw positive lines at him in pretty much everyone of his songs and describe him as a legend? Just because he fucking makes songs that the mainstream pop audience likes doesnt mean hes a motherfucking fake and anyone who knows anything about Rap and its history knows that, if u disagree your a fucking moron and u shouldnt be allowed to listen to rap music.
"I'm not a biter I'm a writer for myself and others
I say a B.I.G. verse, I'm only biggin up my brother
Biggin up my borough, I'm big enough to do it
I'm that thorough" --- Very True


also buy Reasonable Doubt and realize its one of the best rap albums ever made, better then Illmatic (barely)
by KNOWER OF THE TRUTH February 10, 2005
A private and comfortably furnished room where men can go to be men. The modern day equivalent of a smoking lounge, the lair is a retreat for guys to be free of the manners and innuendos of mixed company. Women in groups are forbidden from the lair, but it may also frequently provide a private site for seduction. A good modern lair is outfitted with a sound system, large speakers, a television, and gaming equipment.
"Hey are you hangin out with Alicia tonight?"
"Nah, tonight I just want to chill in the lair with the guys."
by jacenmango April 04, 2010