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Thesaurus for 100%ly

Synonyms, antonyms, and related words for 100%ly

The slang meaning is "I agree" or "I support that".

The real meaning comes from parliamentary procedure, the way in which a group of people come together and most efficiently present and discuss possible courses of action, and make decisions. "Roberts Rules of Order" has been the standard of our government, judicial system, and formal organizations since 1876.

One member may stand and address the chairman. Once recognized, the member makes the motion: "I move that/to..." and resumes his seat. Some types of motions require another member, without rising, to second the motion: "I second the motion," or "I second it" or even just "second." Once seconded, the motion becomes a topic of organized conversation until two-thirds agree to vote. Seconds are important because some topics are not worth the group's time to discuss and a 2nd person means the topic is important to more than one person. Technically, the 2nd does not have to support the motion, they are simply agreeing that it should be a topic of discussion.

Tune in to any congressional session on CSPAN or attend your city council meetings to see Roberts Rules of Order in action.

The Temptations song "I second that emotion" is a pun on Roberts Rules of Order.
"People should stop posting images over 200kb on the front page."
"I second that."

In this slang use, it means support of the statement but it stays just a complaint. However, if the board were using real parliamentary procedures, the seconded motion would invite others to post additional comments and would remain a live topic until a vote is called.

"I move that images on the front page be limited to 200kb."
"I second that motion."
"Dial-up users are burdened with file sizes that large when twenty or thirty of them must be loaded at once."
"People can put links to bigger images instead of the whole thing messing up the way the text flows."
"Only 5% of our members are dial-up; we should be able to post whatever we want for the majority of the users who are high-speed."
(Vote: aye/yay/yes/hands or no/nay/hands)
"Yays have it, motion is carried that images on the main page be limited to 200kb or less." (This is now a rule.)
by Coell August 28, 2005
434 39
no doubt about it; cempletely; totally; for sure; of course; naturally; in an expected way or order
can be used before, in middle, or at end of sentence, however you see fit.
1. 100% I wanna have sex with that girl!
2. someone says or does something you're excited and happy to hear: friend: I think we should go out tomorrow night You: '100% we will!"
3. hell yeah! 100%
by Homeyazz November 04, 2005
44 8
another way of saying "said" or "says"
can be interchanged with like and "goes/go"
mostly used by teenage girls
So she goes, "He's so fine" and I'm all "Hell yeah!" and she's like "Damn" and I'm all "I know!"
by Jubilee November 18, 2003
95 33
the finishing of an gigantic square pyramid consisting of 22 bricks, but must be at over 9000's stories high.
Completion cannnot be completed because it is completely unneccessary!
by JAILNIGGA. June 12, 2008
2 50
1. used to form the past-tense of a verb, especially of acronym-based verbs or those ending with otherwise an ‘e’ or one of the vowels<a\e\i\o\u\y> (as ending in ‘-ed’ looks a bit stilted when following an ‘e’), in addition to irregular, non-standard, nonlinear, and ‘created’ verbs.

2. used to form a past-participle (less necessary than is the 1st use).
1. In three swipes of his giant masamune, Sephiroth KO'd sprawny Sora. {Translation = In three swipes of his giant masamune, Sephiroth knocked-out sprawny Sora.}
“Did you get rubberband'd in the head again?” {Translation = “Did you get shot in the head by a rubberband again?”

2. As Joey listened to some now-retro'd 90's music on his car radio, his girlfriend, Karen, went on chitchatting with her bffl Sammy in the backseat.

History of the Suffix: in old times, 'd was used to form the past-tense of ALL verbs, especially in print. Example: Ole Faithful rang'd the City Bell at the stroke of Dawn.
by Victor Van Styn July 20, 2005
41 6
The same
Person A: I think she is hot
Person B: Ditto.
by Josh Lange April 04, 2003
2286 591
-All things sacred
-Anything that matters
Music is my everything...
by ix December 13, 2004
316 128