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A girl that acts more like a guy, isn't afraid to get rough and dirty, typically wears boys' clothes or really anything comfortable, usually found hanging around boys, doesn't hate girls but most of the time isn't fond of their crap, would rather wrestle than gossip, and doesn't care about what anyone else has to say about her, but rather what she has to say about herself.

Tomboys usually get their boyish personalities when they grow up around boys, such as an older brother, a neighborhood full of boys or even having only been raised by a single dad.
Girly Girl: Ew, look at that girl. She's such a boy! And she's just doing it for the attention!
Other Girly Girl: Ugh, yeah! And look at her! Hanging around all the boys! She's just playing them! I'm soooo much better than her.
Tomboy: So what?
by Anakalusmus on Feb 27, 2015

tags: tomboy, girly girl, boy, boyish, swaggy

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