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One of the most absurd products of the Cold War, and one of the most ridiculed positions on the far left. Hoxhaism, an Albanian form of communism only rivaled in batshit craziness by North Korea's own Juche, is a form of Marxism-Leninism focused on fighting revisionism building pointless bunkers and whining about Yugoslavia. Named after Enver Hoxha, paranoid dictator of communist Albania.
John, the Hoxhaist, got out of the mental asylum the other day.
The Hoxhaist was laughed out of the communist rally.
Communism works in theory, but fails in practice; Hoxhaism fails in theory, but fails even harder in practice.
by tinkerttoy on Apr 1, 2015

tags: bunker,communism,socialism,dictator,batshit fucking insane,hoxaism

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