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captain's call
Extraneous exercise of authority. An independent decision made, usually by a junior member of management with minimal input from line staff and even less influence by executive directive. Such decisions are often unpopular and counter productive, although they can on rare occasion be beneficial to the organization.
Employee #1: Hey, what happened to casual Fridays? I was looking forward to dressing down for a day.
Employee #2: Cancelled, business attire required.
Employee #3: But why? We've always had designated dress down days.
Employee #4: I don't know girl, ask your supervisor. He made the call.
Employee #5: Yeah right- a captain's call.
by JaiKwaan on Mar 3, 2015

tags: bad decision, stupid decision, dumb bosses, bad call, poor choice, poor decision, incompetent supervisors, arbitrary mandates, useless instruction

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