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Army of Lovers
If the cast of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" fucked ABBA, Army of Lovers would be their love children.

Army of Lovers is a Swedish dance group formed in 1989 and is by far, the weirdest fucking music group of all time. They are known internationally for their 1991 song, "Crucified" and the 2013 version of the song. Army of Lovers is also known for their outlandish music videos like "Crucified", "Obsession", "Israelism", "Sexual Revolution" and "King Midas" and a few others...some of which were banned from MTV. "Crucified" was featured on Beavis and Butthead. Though the group is currently not together, they have continued to release music.

Note: make sure you're blazed when watching the music videos, its insane.
Greg: "Hey, have you ever heard of Army of Lovers?"
Ray: "No, why?"
Greg: (pulls up video on Youtube)

Minutes later...

Greg: Freaky, right?
Ray: (Pushes intercom) "Joyce, cancel my 4:00, I need the day off. I just watched an Army of Lovers music video."
by Rosemary's Babies on Oct 25, 2014

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