IT'S A GOD-DAMNED RAISED EYEBROW. It shows interest or responds to a double entendre.
Guy 1: "Oh Guy 2, you're such an enigma!"
Guy 2: "~_^"

Guy 1: "Hey, did you hear that your mum hangs out in the toolshed?"
Guy 2: "~_^"
Guy 1: It's because she's a ho."
Guy 2: "-_-"
#~_~ #smiley #winking #eyeless #no eyes #~ #_ #^ #obscure
by Jaxon McPharlane December 19, 2010
Top Definition
Basicly an anime/asian style wink. Cuter version of the -_^ wink.
OMG, you are so cute! *kisses* ~_^
by Preston March 08, 2005
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