My Deputy Principal Mr.Zaunig aka Zultan *makes z shape with hands*
Zultan *makes z shape with hands as he walks bye
by Timmah! March 31, 2005
Top Definition
from dude wheres my car
(make an "L" with yr thumb n index finger and put them togeter while saying this)"ZULTAN!"
by anonymous June 12, 2004
1. A word used in 'Dude wheres my car'
2. Mr Omars ethnic name
1. We Must Find The Continuum Transfunctioner for ZULTAN
2. My name is zul.. I mean Mr Omar....
by Bob Boblet January 24, 2006
When two people agree.
Bob:That hoe is a bitch.
Jeff: Zultan
by The clit commander April 09, 2003
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