Derivation of the word 'nub', which itself is a derivation of the word 'noob'. Someone who is a complete and utter example of what NOT to be. This could be someone who exhibits horrid, distastefully bad skills, or a lack thereof, at something OR someone who has a very dorky loser-like appearance.
Wow, that kid's a comPLETE zub! Yeah, that one with the giant yellow helmet riding the Power Rangers bike. I bet he'd be horrible at Halo.
by Sheridan555 October 30, 2007
Top Definition
To go, stay or be at home. Curl Curl, Sydney, Australia Origin.
1: Where are you?
2: Zub

1:What are you doing tonight?
2: Zubbing it.
by Team B November 21, 2006
ZUB is a generic term that can take the meaning of any word.

Also used in moments of uncomfortable silences.

A word like a reliable old friend - one you turn to when no one else is there to help.
Person 1: 'Where the ZUB are we dude?'
Person 2: 'ZUBbed if I know!'

Person 1: 'What you wanna do with this?'
Person 2: ' Just ZUB it man!'

Person 1: '......???....!!!.... :/'
Person 2: 'zubzubzubzubzubzubzubzub'
Person 1: :)
by krtsintown October 12, 2011
coach z's head on bub's body.
what you been eating in fells like there a ton of bricks in here.
by angry s March 08, 2003
1.The ARABIC meaning of penis

Means penis, dick, it's an arab word

2. An insult to call someone
That guy is such a zub
by louisvuittion December 06, 2010
What a yuleh call's someone who is being a dick
"YULEh whas up"
"shut the fuck up ZUB"
by justin December 24, 2004
The male willy!
I put my zub in...and then..........aaaaaahh!!! 2 second cum!!
by WaxE March 26, 2003
a word meaning dick thats right homes.
i stuck my zub all in the ladies face hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
then she said thats so cool man we out dawg west side
by mo bro March 08, 2008

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