something only cool people like Jack, Ethan, and Troy say, so all you other people cant say it!
ZOMG, look a munschter
by JACK H February 10, 2005
1. a bloon in bloons td battles / bloons td 5 / bloons monkey city
- appears on round 43 in bloons td battles, round 85/85 in bloons td 5, round 28/28 in bloons monkey city
2. a game in gaia online
- zOMG! is an offbeat, browser based MMO from Gaia Online.
3. a better way of saying "OMG"
- accidentally invented by people trying to write "OMG" but hit Z instead of Shift.

person 1 - did you hear the new bloon they added in bloons td?
person 2 - yeah i heard they called it a "ZOMG"
person 1 - have you ever played "ZOMG" yet?
person 2 -'s fun i guess
*in a chat room*
person 1. zOMG!
person 2. what?
by wasd2333 March 05, 2016
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