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A term largely used in the context of gibberish and absurdism used to describe the sad state of actor Bill Cosby's mental health and acuity. Sometimes it is used as onomatopoeia, but at other times it is tacked on to exciting or seemingly insane situations in lieu of meaningful description.

It was popularized by various internet sites like YTMND, 4Chan, and Ebaums world that featured the depiction of actor Bill Cosby on the popular cartoon "Family Guy". One of the most famous incarnations of this meme involves a hip-hop song compiled from Cosby's insane babbling called "Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby", in which Cosby's singing is depicted as absurd, jovial, and loaded with non-sequiturs.
"Eeeere ah go! Down the slope! Oh- ah'm goin' zip zop zoobity bop!"
by Jodimest March 01, 2008
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