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Zulu I'd like (to) fuck.
While in South Africa, there were no zilfs
by asscrack February 16, 2005
73 66
Zombie I'd like to fuck
Everyone was loading their guns and getting ready to fight, but I saw the hottest ZILF outback, so I snuck out to tap it.
by handgernade14 August 12, 2006
368 148
Zebra I'd like to Fuck
Hey look at that zebra, its so hot, i just want to fuck it Motch style
by MOTCH STRIKES BACK February 23, 2005
131 79
Zombies i'd like (to) fuck

A ZILF is any zombiefied person that is sexually desirable.
My friend Aldo thinks a zombiefied Pamela Anderson would be one hot zilf.
by F3Overlord July 18, 2009
37 15
The god of all MILF's. Namely, the "Pimp Milf". Bitches who serve under the Zilf are known as the "Zilflets".
"Don't mess with a Zilf."
by ZillaSkypeFace December 29, 2013
2 0
Zebra I'd Like to Fuck

Person 1 - Wow that Zebra is such a Z.I.L.F
Person 2 - Looks a bit like a boat to me!
Person 3 - Yeah or a dinosaur... cause its green!!! cant be easy.
Person 4 PENGUIN- Being green just makes it more rapeable!!
Everyone- Come on Eileen!!!
by thepenguinlover February 26, 2009
9 10
Zygote I'd Like to Fuck.
Sumfight - "The story just introduces another word that will probably hit urbandictionary.com, ZILF. Zygote I'd Like to..."
by IAmCrustyJuggler March 02, 2009
20 25