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the russian term for ass
Did you see that girl's zhopa?
by Julie August 28, 2003
1. Russian for ass/butt. Specifically, an ugly, old or abnormally large ass.

2. Can also be used to refer to a person, but is similar to calling someone a "butt" or idiot in American English(not a particularly bad curse word, but is derogatory).
1. Looking at that woman's zhopa makes me want to pour gasoline on myself and light it.

2. The guy at the drive thru was a zhopa...he forgot my fries.
by David T. Kim January 29, 2008
The word zhopa means "ass" or "butt" in Russian and certain other Slavic languages.

Among other things, it is used in a game identical to the penis game, only in Russian: in a public institution, such as an educational institution or workplace, each player has to say "zhopa" and whoever says it the loudest wins.
Boris: Zhopa
Michael: Zhopa!
Vassily: ZHOPA!!!
Boris: *uses loudspeaker* *ZHOPA*

Boris wins the game.
by EGGM September 20, 2012
In Marathi ( an dialect from Maharashtra state of India) the word "zhopa" means, 'sleep'
Ja zhopa means Go sleep.
by Vishal T September 25, 2006
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