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adv: a negative response, refusal, to turn down someone's suggestion, "no"
"Hey Mike! Want to go to the mall this afternoon?"
by Tony & Mike October 16, 2006
46 30
Crimson hunter of the Megaman X series. Over-hyped. Yet powerful. Wields energy sword and long yellow mane. Often works alongside Megaman X. Also known to have killed millions in his past.
"Zero, the ultimate warrior"
by Nicolo March 31, 2003
43 32
Zero is less nothing but more not something or rather abscence of things (that allow the user to individuate matter in space and therefore make sense of the world.) Or it can be (in this particular case) the opposite of hero as in from zero to hero or vice versa.
"That chap needs to spend less time trying to define deeply complicated philosophical issues like zero and more time time trying to get a job."
"Your right, he's a real zero."
by OB August 02, 2005
25 19
The mathematical representation a.k.a 0 is rendered as signature for my name, and the sign for nothing in mathemaical terms. Invented by the Arabs and the fundamental 'first digit' of the prevailing mathematical system we use today (but not the lowest value). It is characteristic by being an irrationally acting number compared to all others and is the only number which when added to itself does not change value.
0, nothing, zero, Is there really much else to say?
by the person who shall not be named September 09, 2007
10 7
0 was defined by Bert , founded late 2009, nothing can over power this number it can be used in any way to annoy a person or say zero if the individual is pathetic or worthless or you can even use it as a substitute to say NO, or by saying why are you being crap to me, as in why are you treating me like crap
Kristian:dude look at that girl!
Bert: eww dude she is ZERO, wtf are you on crack? Zero to the bone

Bert: your an idiot, Matt
Matt: dude why are you being zero to me
by 0o Zero o0 June 04, 2010
13 11
A man one usually does his best to avoid crossing. Closely related to another one of his kind, The Infamous Franky.
"You fucked with Zero? We're going to die man!"
by Dogs Of War January 18, 2013
2 1
Zero is when you don't want to be on bad terms with someone, but you don't want to be their friend. You're neutral; acquaintances. The scale measures from 10 to -10, 10 being good friends, -10 being enemies/hate each other's guts.
Mina is so annoying. Autumn doesn't want to be friends with her, but she doesn't want to be mean. She just wants to be zero.
by Hanamini May 01, 2009
8 7