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in bengali, means to get sodomized.
that girl got zerined.
by roaddogbandit January 18, 2010
21 16
Zerin is a person who puts himself before others. He is loving gentle, and a hard worker. He has a girlfriend who will love him unconditionally for the rest of her life. Makes others laugh when they are down. He is beautiful inside and out, and is loved by many people.
You have Zerin as a boyfriend? You are so unbelievably lucky!
by Someonewhoadoreshim November 18, 2012
5 6
A Bosnian who eats McDonald's twice a day and only drinks Mountain Dew soda.
That guys totally a Zerin, what a greasy Bosnian with the Mcdouble and Mountain Dew.
by pickatimaterina December 24, 2009
10 11
Normal human. Harmless.

From the Official Galactic Dictionary.
Alien: What is your name human?

Me: Please don't hurt me, I'm a nobody, just an ordinary human!

Alien: Zerin it is.
by Lukekire August 16, 2011
3 7