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An indie rock link band, originally from Seaside, Oregon link that majors in dirty barroom style blues and jazz rock, with a minor in indie punk link. Powerhouse female lead vocalist Hayley Mousley's style is said to be remniscent of the grit and soul of Aretha Franklin link and the sweet melodiousnes of Karen Carpenter link.

The original lineup, c. 2004, comprised Joe Church (bass), Spencer Reyneke (drums), Richie Trucke (guitars, vocals), and Hayley Mousley (lead vocals). In 2006 Joe Church, due to family matters, was replaced on electric bass by John Jackson (formerly of Sleepy John link, a band who had opened for Frank Zappa in 1971 at the Spokane, Washington Coliseum).
Previously known by the name Coinslot Muse link, Zen and the Art decided after the release of their first studio album, Oregon Coast Ghost, to officially change their handle. This decision is said to be based largely on Trucke's obsession with Robert Persig's link philosophical book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance link, although claims persist that Coinslot Muse had been too challenging for many promoters to spell or pronounce. This resulted in a bounty of humorous psydonyms link, such as Coinslot Museum, Cointoss Moo's, and Crackpot Juice.

Zen and the Art tours primarily in the Pacific Northwest link (USA), and remains unsigned to this day.
Zen and the art of used to be called Coinslot moose!


MORE COW BELL! Was commonly used as a cheer for the band.
by JimmytheCow2000 March 18, 2007
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