A total dork with geeklike attributes.
You are such a zeeb.
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
Top Definition
A total and complete loser. One unable to do cool things like spend the night in a haunted house.
Hey Amanda Lehr, I bet you won't spend the night in that haunted house. You are such ZEEB!
by J Matthew Kelly October 14, 2008
a party like animal.
You are such a zeeb!
by anglestr181 October 17, 2003
One who parties in extreme measures; Life of the party. Completly insane!
I'm going to party like a zeeb!
by evilstar October 17, 2003
further slang for a personnaly rolled cigarette containing marijuana. often smoked by pissed off teenagers tired with the same old shit "school" and "the government" continually feed them.
two's on that zeeb man
by riichard February 26, 2003
To do things backwards, in a reverse order. Comes from a word that you say if you try to talk backwards.
"He zeebed into me into the parking lot"
by Lewis1983 May 19, 2005
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