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Ridiculously flamboyant; incredibly cheesy; overproduced and overblown; containing so much ersatz flashiness and pizzazz that it becomes painful to witness; mired or wallowing in sheer excess.

Adapted from the animated TV show "Metalocalypse"; the character of Dr. Rockzo, the Rock 'N Roll Clown, was a former member of a glam metal band named Zazz Blammymattazz; it is assumed that they are parodies of clownish, high-kicking lead singer David Lee Roth and his '80s/'90s "big hair" rock band Van Halen.
"David Lee Roth was always a big showoff, but he went completely zazz blammymattazz in his solo career."

"You think Bret Michaels is zazz blammymattazz now on 'Rock of Love'? Go watch some old Poison videos - and make sure to keep some Dramamine handy."

"Ugh, go change that awful Hawaiian shirt - it's just too zazz blammymattazz with those plain pants."
by Heavy4Rending October 23, 2009
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