Very <i>cute</i>. A perfect, nice, and good looking girl.
She's so <b>zana</b>.
by trish trang January 02, 2005
Top Definition
Very cute. A perfect, nice, and good looking girl.
That girl is so ZANA!
by unknown January 03, 2005
A hot and beautiful girl. Ussually with some African blood in her. Either Black, Milato, Blackanese. They have very nice boobs and ass. They hate Asians. But overall, they're sexy. (:
Asian Guy : Damn Zana is so hot.
White Guy : Dude, she hates Asians, you have no chance.
Asian Guy : D:
#beautiful #ass #boobs #asians #black #zana
by StevenNguyen July 10, 2008
An autistic nig who smells like shit 24 fucking 7.
Zana why are you on crack
by Cool Scarlet November 09, 2015
A Horse
Did you see Zana gallop ?
#horse #ugly #smelly #nappy #pony
by FqkYou January 01, 2010
Bratty, cocky, arrogant, unconsiderate, runaway, all around stupid person most likely to end up in the slammer!
'Zana why'd you runaway?'
'because nobody loves me!'
'Your parents give you a cellphone, tv, and millions of other things! & I sleep in a 5X5 inch closet with my little brother!'
#brat #arrogant #mean #full of herself #hateful
by Lee-Lee Cap-Cap April 04, 2009
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