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Zag or zaga means shit (in arabic)
Eat my zag!You piece of zaga
by Lt.Rex May 13, 2006
99 28
A nickname for Zig-Zag, a type of Rolling Paper used for rolling tabacco filled cigarettes. Another common usage for this rolling paper is for rolling a Joint filled with pot/Cannabis

Various Sizes are available. There are also varieties of these sizes including Liquorice, Water Resistant, Slow Burning and Free Burning
On your way over, be sure to pick up a box of zags, cause I am almost out.
by NHSkier April 13, 2011
62 10
The shortened name of Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington. The Zags
Did you see the Zags basketball team this year?
by jems30502 July 24, 2010
40 12
The opposite of zig. When both are found together, they become a zigzag.
The line is zig zagging all over the road.
by SamEddy July 08, 2005
51 33
Zags are short fo zig-zags.
Pass me them zags so i can roll this j up homie.
by Child Prodigy aka pallis October 13, 2005
29 15
Zag is a girl on the website vampirefreaks who's bestfriend is Zig.
The two were pretty much unknown until the beauty cult scandal, where Zag faked a girl, and created a beauty cult for the lolz. Zig and Zag were then corrupted by a known vampirefreaks troll and trouble maker named Jessih.
Zig and Zag created their own cult, called Boss to bash noobs and people who they figured were beneath them.
They spend their time running around and trolling cults, which normally end up in extreme butthurt emo kids.
Quick, ban Zig and Zag they're coming in the cult, they're going to make us look dumb!
by NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO June 22, 2010
21 18
A response to any romantic comment or complement.
by notakicker;) March 11, 2014
2 0