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"Zadi snaps" are a feature of Epic FU (formerly "Jetset"), a webcast pop culture review hosted by Zadi Diaz and available on I-Tunes, among other outlets (e.g., Youtube). At some point in any episode, Ms. Diaz will launch into a finger-snapping frenzy. Zadi snaps have become legend among her legions of fans. If not before, the phrase was certainly immortalized when "Darth Vader" attempted to snap his fingers on Epic FU and failed, leaving him to bemoan his inability to "do the Zadi snaps." Zadi herself has been known to glare down at her fingers after the rare mis-fire.
"I can quash the Rebel Alliance, but I can't do the Zadi snaps?"
by Kurt Stallings November 06, 2007
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