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Vocalist for Rage Against the Machine. Very talented with politically-charged lyrics.
Guy 1: Man, Zach de la Rocha has talent!
Guy 2: Yeah. He's also a strong anti-Iraq supporter.
by Peppeche November 08, 2007
Worst singer of all time. He wishes he could sing like Chris Cornell but he must have broken his just because all that comes out when he sings are muffled sounds that sorta sound like a fart. He is lyrically challenged. All he does is repeat himself in his songs.
Zach De La Rocha: Fuck you i wont do what u tell me 20 times.
Some of those that were forces are the same that burn crosses 20 times.(at least i think thats what u is saying u just cant tell) then
And now you do what they told ya (11 times)
by fuckallragefans August 17, 2007