When typing "xoxox", or hugs and kisses, a "z" may be inserted to denote some other form of affection. The "z" action is up to your imagination to fulfill!
Girl: Night baby xoxoxoz!!

Boy thinks: Oh hot damn! She wants to xo AND z me!!
by misterrslim November 06, 2008
Feeling of completion with a significant other or friend. No point cant be reached further than "Z". Meaning u have been form A-Z with a person
Jameel: How do u feel about me?
Schinel: Z
by SpeqS June 30, 2013
The 26th letter of the alphabet.

Z sucked the dick
by Fabio Fobbs January 17, 2012
The Z, Short for Zona

The State of Arizona
The Z is the Capital of the Southwest.
by Local Arizonan April 28, 2009
The last letter of the alphabet. Pronounced as follows:

English: Zed
Scottish: Zed
Welsh: Zed
Australian: Zed
New Zealand: Zid
Canadian: Zed
South African English: Zed
American: Zee
Every English speaking country pronounces Z as Zed, except America.
by ParParRoach November 06, 2008
a nickname for the medicine Zicam, usually used when referencing it as a recreational drug.
"I drank a bottle of Z and lost my mind for a few hours"
"What am I, chuggin Z here?"
by brandis May 20, 2007
Nickname for Cleveland Cavalier's fomer all-star center Zydrunas Ilgauskas.
Z is fuckin funny in that Nike commercial...
by anonymous407 May 25, 2010

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