A dikhed
U r a yuto!
by JoKa November 18, 2003
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A metrosexual jap who`s cool and makes people laugh by doing ridiculous things.
Yuto, stop eating food off the floor!
by LiL tOki November 10, 2004
A common Japanese name used to define the cool eastern warriors.
Yuto-kun, don't do anything too dangerous!!
by Nomaki February 28, 2005
1. n. A foolish person
2. n. What to call a person when they do something foolish (originated from Yuto Nakayama, a crazy Japanese boy who always made an ass of himself accidently)
1. Nice work, Yuto
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 21, 2003
wordgiven to a crazy bastard that goes off his rocker when u merely touch him. he is in luv wid lionel and will do anything for him.
stop being a fkin yuto!!
by jOKA November 17, 2003

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