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1) a man addicted to weird sexual perversions

2) gimp

3) data bihatch
that gimp wants a face party
by devious weasel February 20, 2004
31 38
A boy with very long fingers and is very rude to his fellow people includig his girlfriend . but someone with nice eyes and good looks ;)
OMGG he has yunus's .. or He is so yunus.
by viva la bammm April 24, 2010
23 10
A person with a funny name that is really good at handheld games such as mario kart for the DS.
"Yunus is the 5th best mario kart player in the world and he's not even jap."
by Rye Bread December 28, 2007
24 12
A Zionist
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
12 37