noun (jap)dream
(usa)slang. little sister
The boy patted his yume on her head.
by Yume Ikari December 08, 2003
Top Definition
either likes really really young boys or old men. if X denoted the age group she goes for, the equation would be something like 8≤X≤13 or 39≤X≤60.

into kink. bdsm, whips, handcuffs, all that mundane stuff. like, horse X human is typical entertainment for her.

has really sick fantasies, the type of thing that makes you question your faith in humanity and normality.

seductive. "come hither". Lolita-esque. has bedroom eyes. unintentionally walks with a suggestive stride.

Person 1: omg, you know that girl yume?
Person 2: dude yeah. she's a super freak.
Person 1: I know. I can't decide if I'm attracted to her or repulsed by her.
Person 2: she bends the laws of human attraction.
by Laura.Tells.All February 22, 2012
Yume is often the name of a 30 year - old man who watches kids play at recess and tries to be "hip". In other words, Yume is the name of a 30 year - old pedophile going through a midlife crisis.
Amanda: Hey guys? Is that Yume watching us?
Devin: *squints* Oh shit! That is Yume!
Gabe: Should we call the police?
Devin: I don't know...
A female pedophile, generally attracted to 13 year old boys
I wish I knew a yume when I was that age!
by tempachi August 11, 2011
A Female Pedophile, Generally likes 14 year old boys
Did you see that YUME?
by NotTemple June 12, 2011
Yume - To be the only girl within a certain class/club/group, who is then stalked by all the guys of that class/club/group.
I'm now the Yume of the football team.
by Romiress September 25, 2004
A very seductive, mean, and, cute breed of bitch.LOOKS ARE DECEIVING they will KILL YOU they ARE NOT INNOCENT. Very rare; usually found in the tropics of southern orange county i.e.- irvine or newport beach. You should most definitely avoid one if a brief encounter is made. contact your local animal control center for more info
DUDE! last night at blackstar cayon we ran into a Yume and almost got raped
by Chief chukwudema okonkwo February 22, 2010
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