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noun (jap)dream
(usa)slang. little sister
The boy patted his yume on her head.
by Yume Ikari December 08, 2003
either likes really really young boys or old men. if X denoted the age group she goes for, the equation would be something like 8≤X≤13 or 39≤X≤60.

into kink. bdsm, whips, handcuffs, all that mundane stuff. like, horse X human is typical entertainment for her.

has really sick fantasies, the type of thing that makes you question your faith in humanity and normality.

seductive. "come hither". Lolita-esque. has bedroom eyes. unintentionally walks with a suggestive stride.

Person 1: omg, you know that girl yume?
Person 2: dude yeah. she's a super freak.
Person 1: I know. I can't decide if I'm attracted to her or repulsed by her.
Person 2: she bends the laws of human attraction.
by Laura.Tells.All February 22, 2012
A female pedophile, generally attracted to 13 year old boys
I wish I knew a yume when I was that age!
by tempachi August 11, 2011
A Female Pedophile, Generally likes 14 year old boys
Did you see that YUME?
by NotTemple June 12, 2011
Yume - To be the only girl within a certain class/club/group, who is then stalked by all the guys of that class/club/group.
I'm now the Yume of the football team.
by Romiress September 25, 2004
A very seductive, mean, and, cute breed of bitch.LOOKS ARE DECEIVING they will KILL YOU they ARE NOT INNOCENT. Very rare; usually found in the tropics of southern orange county i.e.- irvine or newport beach. You should most definitely avoid one if a brief encounter is made. contact your local animal control center for more info
DUDE! last night at blackstar cayon we ran into a Yume and almost got raped
by Chief chukwudema okonkwo February 22, 2010