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The act of "yull"-ing (using your voice to "yull") to encourage people in the public to look at the yull-er. the more people that look at them the more likely they will become the "yull master" in the group of friends. Some places it is most used at are local malls, the Mall of Georgia, Wal-Mart, and Target. Common people that use "yull" have names such as Marissa, Kinz, Steph, and Brandon.
(Place, Mall of Georgia)

Yull-ers: YULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adult: WTF?


Adult: WTF is that noise? And where the hell is it coming from?

Yull-ers to other Yull-ers: Score!
by b-rad-don August 20, 2007
An expression used to grab the attention of others in public. Mostly used in Wal-Mart, Target, your local mall, the Mall of Georgia, and other major public attractions. (namely used by marissa,steph,kinz, and brandon)
Friends: OMG! Look at those adults over there. I bet they think we're werid...let's find out...

Friends: YULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adults: WTF?

Friends: they looked at us like we're some kind of freakin animal...mission accomplished! Oh crap here comes mall security! Charles!
by b-rad-don August 19, 2007
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