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Making a girl puke on your dick
She said she likes comedy, so I took her to yukyuks last night
by themattler April 18, 2011
There are several meanings to this word invented by the "217th street brothaz outta cambria heights queenz NY"herb, nerdy bitch ass nigga ,punk bitch ,loser ,broke punk ass,losser ass nigga,scrub.
Yo you tryin to play me like im some sorta yuk yuk .
by Noirblack October 16, 2006
Unnecessary noise from ones mouth, feet, and/or hands, constant tapping or drumming which symbolizes person as gay or of gay nature. Ones reputation of constant noise and or loudness usually person is suffering from some sort of mental breakdown. Mental breakdown from too much use of MySpace or FaceBook also Mafia Wars or Street Racing or just plain stupidity. Most of the time persons name is Mike and their last name begins with a P.
"Quit The Yuk Yuk and Get To Work, Mike", "Tom, Can you get the front counter, I'm too busy Yuking it up."
by Vh JJ October 21, 2008

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