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Similar to jungle juice in the United States, Yukaflux is a regional Canadian term for a communal drink consisting of a variety of alcohols (usually Vodka and Rum but can include almost anything from schnapps to wine), drink mix/juice and chunks of fruit left to sit overnight. The drink is ritually served in an unconventional container, such as a rubbermaid tub, cooler, bathtub.
'This new years we bought some fruit and pooled all the left-over liquor from past parties and making yukaflux... bring a cup'
by GreasyCanuck November 24, 2008
A shit brew of many different alcohols tailored to the female persuasion. Pure tastiness while strongly intoxicating certainly will bring out the nastiness in drunk college girls.
"Aunt Jemima has had 4 yuka fluxs and shes fucked right up"

"Dude it has some syrup in it"

"Johns totally going to fuck her"
by TAGGART OPEN 2009!!! April 04, 2009