A great show that once brought enlightenment and renaissance to Cartoon Network before the assgiblets who lead the network decided to take it off and replace with shitty shows like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, reruns of Grim and Evil (which used to be alright until they got rid of Evil Con Carne and made it into Billy and Mandy) and Naruto...

Unlike Naruto, YYH's characters are completely unique from each other, each with his/her own back story and shortcomings. The anime even has a cool introduction where Yusuke starts off as this average Joe trouble-student who's life is changed after his life was taken away trying to a kid from a bunch of negligent drivers.
I'm getting tired of all the Billy and Mandy whoring on Cartoon Network, when are they going to show Yu Yu Hakusho...oh wait, they took it off because little wuss children wanted Naaaaruto.....
by The Harmeister December 14, 2007
Essentially DragonBall Z with ghosts and demons and a thicker plot rather than ki and aliens and a shallower plot.
If someone points their index finger at you while holding their wrist with their other hand and screams SPIRIT GUN then they are definitely a YuYuHakusho nerd.
by Chaltab March 05, 2005
A show about a 15 year old boy names Yusuke who dies trying to help another. Then a baby with a pacifier gives him with a second chance if he becomes a Spirit Detective. This is also called the ORIGiNAL Bleach! *cough* *cough* Bleach copied Yu Yu Hakusho even the Manga submitters said it. Wow, what a bad cold! But Yu Yu Hakusho is a better version of Bleach. A rival named Kuwabara can see spirits, and wanna help him. He meets two people in his journey, a epic Rose Carrying Teen, named Kurama, a short, but awesome swordsman, Hiei. The four fighters has to save the world!
This show made 112 episodes, 1 Movie, and finally, a good Abridged Series!
Guy1: Bleach pwns Naruto! Because Bleach is original, not Naruto!
Guy2: Umm, dude, Yu Yu Hakusho is the original Bleach.

Guy1: That's a lie! *watches episode 1 of Yu Yu Hakusho*...
Guy2: So...?
Guy1: This show copied Bleach!

Guy2: *sighs*
by SonicJetWave January 22, 2010
i used to thinkitwas cool, until they tookit off Toonami
they shouldn't have.
by Alica November 04, 2003
a kick a** anime/manga by yoshihiro togashi
ME:yuyuhakusho ROCKS mannnnn!!!!!
fellow yyh fan: F*** YEAH!!!!!
by Denette March 28, 2007
A fighting game in which you use turn taking strategies rather than moving around freely. Obviously based off of an anime.
Since it was in Japanese, I had no idea what I was doing until I hit the ground.
by horror_blood June 30, 2004
An anime that is sort of like Inuyasha but not as good.
Yu Yu Hakusho is like a worse version of Inuyasha.
by Inuyasharocks January 15, 2005
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