A word that a sorority uses to exclude one who doesn't know the true root or meaning of the word/phrase "your t4".
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
Top Definition
More than a phrase, your t4 is an idea and a state of being. Using it to punctuate a sentence brings the sentence to a higher level.
your t4, that's not Rhapsody in Blue, that's Bohemian Rhapsody
by Fmr. Acting Pres. of the IOS July 25, 2003
A phrase used to punctuate a comment or insult. Often misspelled "you're y4", "Your T4", and/or "Your t4". Also the basis for the sorority your-a t-a four-a AND the IOS (Institute of Spazzology). Only seven people, to this day, know the true meaning of your t4.
"What'd you do with the air horn, biznatch...your t4."
A phrase that Matt Snyder will never understand...even after we've graduated.
1. Matt, stop asking what "your t4" means.

2. "What does "your t4" mean?" - Matt
"Matt, seriously, no." - Me

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