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n. Someone who wastes all their time looking up TV/music related crap from their childhood on youtube & won't shut up about it.
mr x: guess what!?! I just found a grainy 2 minute clip of Zoltar battling Sleestak!

mr y: u r such a youboob!
by Smurf Breath December 23, 2006
The rare sighting of nudity in youtube videos.
Dude! I watched a documentary on Queen and one scene had a couple seconds of youboobs!!!
by rogerthewhale April 25, 2012
someone who spends hours at a time searching for nudity on youtube.
dude, i was so high last night, i just ended up youboob-ing until like 4 am!
by cutmeaslice October 13, 2009
A person who posts idiotic comments on youtube videos.
Nearly all of the comments I see are posted by mindless youboobs.
by James1095 March 29, 2008
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