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The youe'gottatrythis is exactly how it sounds. Simply put, you have got to try this. One bag sour cream and onion chip manufactured by Frito-lay corporation plus one can 'O' shaped spaghetti noodles in cheese tomato sauce. after heating the pasta dish, proceed to dip each chip into the heated protection. Feel free to vary as you please, scooping up either lots of noodles, a moderate amount of noodles, or few/ baby noodles. Congratulations, my friend. Your life has just been changed.. by a you'vegottatrythis.*

*satisfaction not guaranteed, unless satisfied.
Dave: "Dude, you'vegottatrythis" (presents chips and can)
Ralph: "man i don't know, i don't like sour cream, onions, or circular noodles!"
Dave: "Here, just try one" (hands Ralph a hot dipped chip)
(Ralph eats the proffered item)
(Dave turns and winks at camera)
Dave:"Satisfaction not guaranteed, unless satisfied!"
by Amanda "shrub" Peaches April 02, 2011
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