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A phrase uttered so often a drinking game has been born. There are a few variations: 1)person speaking the offending phrase points to one person who must drink; 2)speaker decides everyone drinks; 3) peron forced to hear "you know what I mean" makes the speaker drink; Or 4) hell everybody drink everytime and soon you may be much happier to hear the fucking phrase again.
speaker: then I got pulled over,you know what I mean...drink...
listener: I will gladly drink to drowned out your non-stop bullshit.
speaker: blah,blah,blah,you know what I mean...
tortured listener: drink... bitch.
speaker: oh,yeah, ok. but I need another beer, you know what I mean...drink...
and on, and on, and on
by OaklawnFan(horse racing track) August 07, 2010
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