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Hot, sexy, cute ass mother f**ker, visual maknae of BEAST. Part of these ships, dooseob, junseob, dongseob, hyunseob and more.
Yoseob you're so cute!
by SquishyHero August 11, 2011
Yoseob is a member of an all boy-group (k-pop) in Korea, called BEAST/B2ST.

His full name is Yang Yoseob.
He's known as the "Visual Maknae'' of the group, though he's not the youngest, which is what 'maknae' means. Another one of his nicknames is the "God of Food".
He's known for his cuteness/Aegyo.
Friend: Who's your favorite member of B2ST?

You: OHMAHGOODNESS. That would have to be Yoseob. His cuteness, his smile, his voice... He's just perfect.
by nomnomnomcookiesformeh October 28, 2012