During a threesome, when a guy is fucking one girl in the ass, and another girl is licking his balls, and he pulls out his dick, cums all over the girl underneath, and the other girl shits on her face creating a yoo hoo chocolately mixture.
I fucking yoo hoo-ed all over her face.
by speederific October 07, 2007
Adjective: when two people have sex in a pool of yoohoo chocolate drink and conceive a baby that has big boobs and a yoohoo box penis.
"Damnnnn, look at that yoohoo baby's penis, it is a juice box! And what nice boobs it has!"
by marammy January 28, 2009
Can be used to express praise when used in the following phrase: "sweeter than yoohoo".
Man, that was sweeter than Yoohoo!
by Kelly Barbosa January 26, 2005
A chocolate drink, but can also refer to really bad diarrhoea (yes that is spelled right).

Other diarrhoea slang: gippo guts
I've had the flu, so I wasnt at work for a while because I have spend the last week rocketing yoohoo out of my ass.
by WordGenie April 15, 2004
The lower regions of a guy...
Oh shit I got my Yoohoo caught in plane engine...
by AG February 20, 2004

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