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British Slang originating from the BB8 Contestant Brian - It means Stupid. the origins of the term come from exasperation at having to lick the top of a yoghurt carton in order to extract the extra yoghurt - which whilst delicious often means the aforementioned yoghurt top licker looks like a fool. Roughly translates as "fool" "nincompoop" or "Idiot"
I feel like such a yoghurt top.yoghurt top
by CRIrish August 17, 2007
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a yoghurt top is the creation or brian from bb8 . it mean idiot . youghurt top could mean that someone who is a yoghurt top has a mind that is abit 'soft' or runny , which would mean they are abit stupid , although it has no link to people who actually have mushy brain , it is more of just an expression . this is the best explanation of this word as its creation , meaning and come-abouts are all that of bb8's brian
your a right yoghurt top !
by phycadelia August 12, 2007
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