derivative from Amish-Dutch:

1. To recount a story with excessive inclusion of marginal details
2. Close reading with copious marginalia or other forms of note organization within the text, bordering on the excessive

1. "I was at the party and got stuck talking to this girl for 20 minutes while she yodered on and on about her summer vacation."

2. "I should have looked at that used textbook before i got it; the previous owner had yodered all over it."
by GrammaticusRex April 30, 2009
Top Definition
To spend an extremely long time (30+ minutes) on the toilet having a bowel movement. This could be due to not eating enough fiber or trying to avoid work for an extended period of time.
Employee 1: Have you seen Ben recently.
Employee 2: No, he's probably taking a yoder somewhere.
Employee 1: Dammit, we're supposed to have a meeting in 5 minutes.
by Ibiki January 18, 2011
1. The best teacher in the whole wide world
2. The best person in the world
3. The most loved person in the world
Ms.Yoder is the best teacher in the world.

Ms.Yoder is the best person in the world.

Everyone loves Ms.Yoder
by Allison71 April 09, 2009
The Danish/English way of saying hello. Quite possibly the most badass greeting on Earth.
Yoders! How are you?
by A Danish American G April 08, 2011
When someone does something completely and utterly retarded. A "Yoder" cannot be explained by logic, but by only shouting out, "Damn, what a fuckin Yoder."
When your drunk and tell a kid to take you and your keg back to your dorm room. Him being sober, reasonably comprehends he cannot bring a keg of beer into a dorm room but follows his friends directions without any discretion. "Damn what a Yoder."
by Ryan July 12, 2004
Someone in power of authority such as a states attorney,police officer,judge,etc. who willfully and knowingly protects a criminal by doing unethical misconduct,corruption,bribery,theft of documents or evidence,etc.
The states attorney did a Yoder on me becuase he wanted to protect the criminal who robbed me from legal action
by JAW33 August 20, 2008
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