When a guy puts his balls in his sexee's mouth and the girls expression is what she would look like if she were yodleing.

usually takes place during math class when the teacher is unconscious
kid: mommy, what did you do on your vacation?
mom: well honey, i met these great guys and we yodeled all day and night for the whole week i was gone!
kid: wow that must have been fun! does your throat hurt from all that yelling?
mom:no, but my tongue does!
kid:?! huh? what does that have to do with yodeling?
by ChocolateFantasyUnicorn December 05, 2010
Top Definition
verb: To yodel, yodeling.

A variation on the classic "tea-bagging" in which a male places his testicles into his partners mouth. Yodeling requires a deeper testicle to mouth level of penetration such that the the expression created by the wide opened mouth reflects the appearance of one who is yodeling.
Man 1: "Yo she was totally yodeling my shit last night!
by pseudosimon July 05, 2010
to give a women oral sex
damn dude, i was yodeling in her valley until she avalanched in my mouth
by talon112991 June 26, 2008
Putting a tube (any variety; toilet paper tube, plastic tube, paper towel tube, etc) up your partners anus and yodeling up said tube.
Bill; Oh man, after yodeling last night with my wife, it got messy.
Malcolm; How?
Bill; She forgot to go to the bathroom before hand, and I backed up too late. Ended up getting a cleveland steamer through a tube. Unexpected fun.
by Pseudo-sacrificial virgin March 15, 2011
Yodeling: Verb: To enter a back country ski area without proper gear including but not limited to a transceiver, shovel, probe, knowledge of route, conditions, hazards, and rescue skills.

Yodeler(s): Noun: A skier or snowboarder who is engaged in yodeling.
Ski patrol caught a couple of kids yodeling in the back counrty near the cliff.

Ski patrol caught a yodeler poaching the powder.

A snowboarder was yodeling and his partner kicked off an avalanche and buried him in 10 feet deep. No tranciever and he wasn't found until June.

Lets go catch those yodelers!!
by observer of the mountain April 06, 2010
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