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when ones ballsack included with the balls inside are larger and more ginormous than the shaft itself
when jimmy pulled down his pants she exclaimed ,"OH MAN YOU HAVE SUCH A YODA!"
by biff November 15, 2003
1 25
someone who pisses you off in the BMHS library.

also see: Hinkle
I was trying to do my work, but Yoda kept on bothering me. I ended up failing class.
by ? May 08, 2003
1 27
The section of wrinkled skin the is at the base of the shaft of the flaccid penis and the top of the nut sack.
The only way that Bill could become aroused was to have someone lick his Yoda.
by Scootyloo January 17, 2003
3 31
a little peice of shit
a pieace of shit that has nasty old hairs growing.
by joe lee January 06, 2005
5 35
my cousin mike's girlfriend jessica
we call mike's girlfriend jess yoda!
by bretly March 25, 2004
5 35
Yoda was NOT the most powerful jedi ever. Luke was, then yoda.
Just 140 days till revenge of the sith.
by adrian December 29, 2004
9 63