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Transliterated from Chinese idiom. It means "You are insulting Kobe Bryant again."

In Chinese it is a four-character word .

"Yo" for one Chinese character, means "again".
"Hey" for one, means "black" originally, but "black" in Chinese also means "insult" these years.

"Walker" for two. "wal" means "I(my)", "ker" means "Ko", abbreviation for "Kobe". And "my Kobe" is actually literally ironic. "Walker" here has nothing to do with any other player (whose name is Walker).

So this idiom usually was used to answer (usually ironically) other's insulting on Kobe Bryant.
A: "Tell me a joke about NBA, as short as possible."
B: "1747" (Kobe shot 47 times but only made 17 of them in on Nov 7th, 2002 in the game against Celtics. "1747" is also an idiom for insulting Kobe)
A: "Yo hey walker."
by RIC_Eien April 17, 2014
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