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A contraction of Yiddish and usually used by rival football fans to describe Tottenham Hotspur fans, as they have a long tradition of being supported by the Jewish community, usually in a way that gives it anti-semitic connotations.
"He's only a poor little Yido
He stands at the back of the Shelf
He goes to the bar, to buy a lager
And only gets one for himself!"

(football song)
by Billy-Bob McSanchez April 07, 2005
a supporter of a football club named tottenham hotspur
he's wearing a spurs shirt, maybe he's a yido, a yido is a spurs supporter
by mooey July 29, 2007
A fan/supporter of Tottenham Hotspur football club. Normally long suffering; always circumcised.
'he's only a poor little yido'
by Anonymous August 05, 2003