the previous day
the feeling of nostalgia
by sleepisbetter June 28, 2003
Top Definition
the title of a great beatles song!!!
the beatles rock! was such an easy game to play...
by qwerty April 17, 2005
Dated. Behind the times. Out of fashion.
Did you see the guy at the AMWAY conference wearing the short sleeved button down with the tie? I think his hair was sprayed on. That is so "Yesterday".
by Bartendress February 01, 2006
When someone tries to make their incompetence your problem by demanding the impossible. When asked when they need something done they respond with "yesterday." This response generally baffles the questioner because it is impossible, inconsiderate, annoying, pompous, and lame.
Bill: When do you need this project finished?
Steve: (matter of factly) Yesterday.
Bill: (thinking) What a lazy, pompous, piece of sh*t a-hole.
by dalaillama April 06, 2010
(University setting) the last time a class met, whether or not that was the day preceding today.
Yesterday we talked about how to make a video using iMovie.
by Dictionary Nerd June 05, 2009
Passe, not in fashion
That dress is so yesterday
by Kat November 09, 2003
A day you shall never see.
Free beer yesterday!
by smilemean February 14, 2012

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