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a phrase or statement that is used in a time of great happiness or enthrallment...it's like "Amen to that!"
"hey bro, i just got some action. Yes suh!
by Lauran, Melli, Asa B. July 18, 2006
39 8

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amen! bro for sure hell yeah yeah-uh yes!
1.means "yes sir" African american slaves said "Yessuh"
2.Pretty ricky's way of speaking
3.Obeying your elder
4.what you say during sex
5.playing with your mingue
6.also playing with your gary
7.the sound of a fart while sleeping see "murza"
White guy " go pick the cotton!"
Black guy " Yessuh!"
by EdgarJJJ May 05, 2006
54 33
1.An exclamation of retardation during a game of beach volleyball.
Yessuh yessuh yessuh beach volleyball
by grumpymumby January 01, 2009
4 23