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a dank green tea smuggled from south america to new jersey. hot water is poured several times on loose tea, and drank through a straw called a bombilla. usually the cup is a gourd.

rituals include staying up for several nights, painting, and playing music, dismantling the town's light tower, spray painting, playing bluegrass, and smoking a blunt while drinking the tea behind sevies and thrift shops.
yo i'm all matted out, lets face climb your house kid!

-yerba mate
by Trip Levine January 26, 2007
South American Green Tea - quickly becoming a big thingy in the State's, some say its growing because of the slammin effects (better than coffee)and the health stuff, but I think it's because it's taken with hot water through a pipe looking bombilla and gourd that looks like a green tea bong.
"Yo what it that? It looks like a ganga juice and a pipe"

"Nombre, it's Argentine, I'm off the beans and I'm drinking 'mate' cause it's got antioxidants"

See pics: www.miyerbamate.com
by Josue February 16, 2005
The substance deviously known as the large deposits of water on the highway roads, found either during, or subsequent to a rainstorm. These deposits spew out from beneath the vehicle and from the sides of 99% of automobiles driving through them. They spray to the side, soaking cars, grass and telephone poles alike.
Bobby: Hey dude, turn the radio up, there's some Van Halen on 101.1

Colin: Sick, I love this-

Bobby: Aw shit, I just sprayed some yerba mate all over my car!
by Oolin C'Kane July 10, 2008