an awesome ROCK band. Not punk not emo, just rock. consists of band members ryan, sean, ben, pete, and L.P. Each one of them being talented in their own special way.
Did you go to the Yellowcard concert last night?
yeah! who didnt?
by Ginaaaa March 02, 2005
Expression meaning that a girls nipples are visible through her shirt. Deriving from the automatic yellow card given to soccer players if they slide tackle with their studs ( cleats ) showing.
Me : Dude it's cold.
You : Wow look at that girls nips.
Me : Yellow card ! Studs showing.
by Paddy McMurphy October 04, 2007
dude, they are the best damn rock band that ever walked the planet.
dude, Yellowcard is fuckin awesome.
by dude. April 28, 2005
n, used to decribe a girl or woman who is, to be honest, a prostitute. Old Russian expression, I picked it up in Crime and Punishment - apparently 'back in the day' in Russia legal prostitutes carried a special yellow passport
that bitch is carryin a yellow card fo' sho'
by Jo_87 May 25, 2006
Something you get in soccer if you do something the ref doesnt like. Yellow Card is not a band. yellowcard is a band. Please get this straight. If you are searching for the band in google, do not type in yellow card because it will bring up soccer sites.
Our team racked up the yellow cards this season.
by Kris February 17, 2004
A band that will, in the near future, save the punk genre. Face it, hardcore assholes. Anyone who says "YLWCRD IZNT PNK" Has probably not heard the album WHERE WE STAND or the new single "Lights and Sounds". OCEAN AVENUE was not a punk album and neither was the song of the same title, but the one after it was and the one just released this year (LIGHTS AND SOUNDS) has a few punk-ish songs.
They are often confused for Yellow Card, which is a penalty in soccer. Also, stupid teenyboppers sometimes say "OMGZ! YLWCRD HZ A VIOLIN!!! THR SO ORIGNL!!!". Blue October has a violin. Led Zeppelin has an organ. Panic! at the Disco has a techno keyboard, piano, organ, and accordion. Which band is most original?
Yellowcard will release another album in 2007 or 2008.
Dick - Yellow Card rocks! They're so original with the violin!!!
Me - It's Yellowcard not Yellow Card, and Panic! at the Disco have more instruments than any other band in existence.
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING August 16, 2006
Another dime-a-dozen band who's primary goal is to cheat people into believing that they are remotely original for having a not-so-common instrument on stage.
Guy 1
"Hey, that band yellowcard is great because they have an amazing concept. Get this, not only do they have guitar, bass, and drums...they have a VIOLIN."

Guy 2
"Yeah, but, Flogging Molly has a Violin. Led Zeppelin had a morocan string quartet for Kashmir. Likewise with the Beatles on numerous songs. Even The Who at the end of Baba O'riley."

Guy 1
"Yeah, but can their violinist play ocean avenue?
by Euthanasia April 10, 2005
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