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Hello fellow folks! I am here to tell you about the dangers of the yellow lighter. Kurt K, Jimmie H, and Bob M have all died with a yellow lighter in there hands. In my own personal experiece i have found that while having a yellow lighter in hand unfourtunate events seem to take place.
For example, I was driving down the highway, i had just got done lighting my Marb with a yellow lighter, when a deer ran out infront of my vehicle. By this time it was to late, my vehicle crashed into the animal running. My car was smashed and behind me I had a 3 car pile up resulting in 4 casulties.
#yellowlighter #yellow_lighter #yellow-lighter #gold lighter #gold-lighter
by Boss_420 July 02, 2006
The greatest, yet most underrated lighter color of all-time. Some may think they are trashy: they are wrong. Attack those who do not like them; befriend those who do.
Did you see that guy's yellow lighter? It must have been nine, maybe ten inches long! And it was so wide. No, wait, that was a penis. But, damn! Yellow lighters are AWESOME!
#lighter #yellow #resistance #great #awesome
by SWFLM January 08, 2008
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