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Bay Area word for gettin retarded, stupid, dumb, and hyphy. This is cus the short yellow bus is for actual retarded people. You can go yellow bus or you can ride tha yellow bus, both are the same.
"I'm the first Mexican to ride the yellow bus"
--Squeeze with Mistah Fab - Stupid,Dumb,N'Hyphy

"That nigga was goin yellow bus in tha club."
by R C August 14, 2006
Bay Area word for supid, dumb, retarded. Because of what the short yellow bus means.
We hit the club and went yellow bus mein.
by Gcantire March 04, 2006
Bay Area word for going hyphy, supid, dumb, and hyphy cuz of what the short yellow bus means
im the first mexican to ride the yellow bus mein
by 41510 beaner March 19, 2006