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A very light skinned (fair complected) african american girl.

What makes Soulja Boy's dick hard.

See "Pretty Boy Swag" approx 1:50.
Yellow bone on my dick when I pretty boy swag.
by AdubG February 28, 2011
122 105
a light-skinned black gurl
Man these yellow bones wont quit blowin up my phone.
by oreo the master of disaster July 17, 2008
277 261
This refers to an attractive female person of negro (black) descent who is extremely light skinned.
Most of which are of mixed race.
Relish, Your girlfriend is a yellowbone

By god Mozambican girls are yellowbones
by YungRelish December 14, 2011
79 66
a racist term for light skin blacks or light skin biracials.
I'm a light skin black and the term yellowbone is a racist term.
by QueenAfrica April 20, 2011
44 137
a light skinned female
say nigga you see them yellow bones across the street? yeah them hoes is fine.
by dallas chick 2004 March 09, 2004
161 261