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An affirmative comeback, commonly used after "nuh-uh."
A: "Did you see that Amy got a nose job?"
B: "Nuh-uh."
A: "Yeah-huh."
B: "That crazy bitch."
by Peter W.N. September 22, 2008
1.agreeing with someone
2.defending oneself Against a accusation of being wrong
1.yeah-huh lets do that
2.yeah-huh I that is the truth
by ryan January 09, 2005
a term used in response to someone calling out your name, or used as an affirmation.
Hey John Doe! Yeah-huh.

Do you like this dress? Yeah-huh, it looks great!
by Serina H. April 22, 2006
A phrase blurted to negate someone's self praising comment.
Precocious Youth: "I just got promoted at Friendly's from bus boy to waiter!"
Friend (who happens to be a Lawyer): "Yeah Huh!?!
by Fizzle for Bizzle August 19, 2009