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MOney; Paper. Bay area word used to describe money.
Yo blood, i gotta recount my yayper pimpin.
by Juan Barajas March 15, 2006
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The Yay Area's way to say money
Yay area = San Fran Bay area, California
Major Cities are San Jose aka San Jo, San Francisco aka The City, Oakland aka the O and more
There is so much Bay area slang, see hyphy, scraper, batch, go dumb, thizz, stunna shades etc.
Yay area is where they make yayper and rides in them scrapers
by Jersey Kid March 08, 2008
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Yayo,coke,cocaine a drug derived from the leaf of the yayo plant
AY' i got that yaypers all day,hit me up.
by Riggins October 10, 2006
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We're going to the Aimee Mann concert? Yayper!!!
by christine May 06, 2003
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